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Dr. Innocent MURAMUZI, PhD. reveals how the procedures of accessing Amnesty can be be a hindrance to a successful amnesty process. An Examination of the Effectiveness of the Procedures of Accessing Amnesty in Uganda is handy to all stakeholders dealing with amnesty after violent conflicts.
Erick and his childhood friends give us a profound chronological elaboration about how teens ruin their glorious future days when they fall prey to early parenthood after their not-well-thought-out decisions and how those that decide better enjoy every moment of their lives to the fullest.  An...
AS I SEE IT is a compilation of time-tested and evergreen positive philosophies that when adhered to, will assuredly as the sun rises and set, help a person attain a balanced life : a life of Peace, Love, Happiness, Health, and Wealth in record time. The author Dickson Daniel , a...
"Atomic Habits Unlocked: How Small Changes in Habits can Lead to Big Transformations in Life" is the ultimate guide to unlocking your full potential and achieving your goals with ease. Written by renowned author John Wealth, this compelling book presents a ground-breaking approach to...
In this guide, I will walk you through the steps of the automated email funnel system. If you want to sell digital products online and you want to spend your time focusing on traffic and conversions then this is for you! 
Many Young  Men  and  boys  lose  their  lives  before  the  age  of 18 at  18 and  a  few years  after they  turn 18.  Some of these untimely deaths are  spiritually triggered. This  book sheds light on...
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The first rule of functions is that they should be small. The second rule of functions is that they should be smaller than that. —ROBERT C. MARTIN Welcome to the functional programming world. The world, which has only functions, living happily without any outside world dependencies,...
Aria, Mira, Lara, and Grace have been estranged for years after their parent’s divorce saw them picking different sides, and Grace went to the care of an aunt when it was discovered she wasn’t their father’s biological child. When their father passes, he puts a mandate in his will that the women...
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Beyond the Chants  story, is about a young man who hails from a remote countryside in Rukungiri district, Kigezi sub-region in western Uganda. It’s a story of a pro-democracy activist, a champion of an inclusive youths-led change who at a very young age makes a choice to join and actively...
Will she ever love despite her past?
The construction of Bio Digester has taken to its heels in the African fraternity and more specifically mother Ghana. There were a lot of miscommunication and misconceptions about it when it first came up. But as knowledge about it spread through the shores of the Country, it has taken the place...
Are you tired of constantly battling with negative thinking and feeling like your opinion doesn't matter?  Do fearful thoughts and self-doubt prevent you from enjoying your life? Does that little voice inside your head constantly nitpick your choices? Low self-esteem is that little...
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