Always Peaceful-Living The Heaven-on-earth Lifestyle.

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This little book is filled with so much happy news!

Discover the Secret to a Life of Always Being Peaceful and Experiencing the Fullness of Life God Offers with Peace, Love, Happiness, and True Wealth

Have you ever imagined that you could enjoy peace, love, happiness, health, and true wealth EVERY DAY even to OLD AGE? Yes, in this short devotional on the Peace of God, you will discover that dreams sure come true and that the grand life that God promises is yours to enjoy. 

Unleash the Power of God's Peace

 Discover how easy and surprisingly possible it is to have perfect peace in your life. Imagine experiencing the joy that bubbles up inside you every day, that you just can't hide. 

Experience The All-encompassing Nature Of The Peace God Gives

With this devotional guide, you'll learn about the all-encompassing nature of the peace that God offers, bringing peace to your mind, health to your body, and great relationships to your life. The peace that is unbroken and permanent regardless of the happenings in the world. It is unshaken and unruffled, allowing you to be peaceful on purpose. 

Experience The Power Of Prayer and Gratitude

This guide teaches you how to live a worry-free life by unleashing the power of prayer and gratitude to ride above any storm of life. You'll discover the secret of gratitude to accelerate the manifestation of answers to prayer. You'll find yourself smiling to yourself for no apparent reason, feeling cheerful and happy, knowing that God's peace is with you always. You are so cheerful it can't remain inside you!  

Knowing God's Peace Is The Secret To Inner Peace, Happiness, And All-round Satisfaction

With this devotional guide, you'll be drawn into the superabundant life that God offers as the curtain is flung open to reveal...

Jehovah Shalom who gives peace in the storm, and victory even before the battle. 
You'll learn how to live a life that always wins because you are more than a conqueror and God is on your side. Think about it, "Why won't you win always, when God is with you?" 
You will experience the kind of peace you enjoy when God takes over your battles! 

Become an Ambassador of God's Peace

Discover how you can become a channel through whom the peace of God flows to the world. Become an ambassador of peace and inspire others to enjoy the life-transforming peace of God. This guide teaches you how to have a peaceful and calm mind that manifests the wisdom of God. It reveals to you the grace to win always and shows how you can have answers in all circumstances.

Experience the Same Peace as Jesus

You'll learn how you can experience the very same peace that Jesus had, such that He could sleep amid a raging storm. The foundation, the secret to a life of permanent peace is out and it lies open, available for you, discover it inside this little guide on the peace of God. 

Enjoy God's Kingdom of Peace Always

Without the peace God offers, all we are left with is hopelessness, fear, anxiety, and being tossed up and down by the never-ending cycle of news in the world today. 

Good news! 

You can enjoy the peace of God that brings calm, inner quietness, joy, and happiness. It's a lifetime guarantee from God, in this life and in the life to come.

The Power of Peaceful Living

Discover the secret of happiness and find peace at last. This devotional book will guide you to live peacefully on purpose. You will find the secret to enjoying God's peace anytime, anywhere. It reveals that you can have a peaceful mind and a peaceful life. Yes, It's time to find peace, love, and joy in your life, to enjoy God's kingdom of peace always.

Join in this exciting adventure of exploring the word of God and enjoying the peace of God that passes understanding

The chapters include:

Perfect Peace Is Possible For You

The Peace God Offers-When God Gives You a Portion of His Heart

Free Of Anxiety

Thanksgiving, Peace-living

A Taste Of Heaven

Protected Against Harm-A simple Formula 

Old,  Happy, And Satisfied-Enjoying A Regret-free Old Age

Jehovah Shalom-Peace In The Storm, Victory Before The Battle

Ambassador Of Peace

Great Peace For You-wisdom To Win Always

Great Peace For You-answers For Life

Great Peace For You-access The Cure All

How To Avoid Mistakes -living By The Wisdom Of The Ancients

The Peace Of Jesus, The Life Of Jesus

The Foundation Of Peace

The Guarantee Of Peace

Peace In The Storm-the Secret To Victory

Peaceful-when God Takes Over Your Battles

The Lord Of The Sabbath-the Lord Of Our Rest

The Kingdom Is Peace

Permanent Peace

Is this the life you want to enjoy and teach others to experience? 

Then click on the button and enjoy the peace of God always!


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