Politics & Social Sciences

Political science is a social science subject that involves the study of political institutions, government systems, and political behavior

Innocent MURAMUZI presents how Amnesty is a Foundation for Peacebuilding: An Assessment of the Contribution of Amnesty to Conflict Resolution and Sustainable Peace in Uganda.
Dr. Innocent MURAMUZI, PhD. reveals how the procedures of accessing Amnesty can be be a hindrance to a successful amnesty process. An Examination of the Effectiveness of the Procedures of Accessing Amnesty in Uganda is handy to all stakeholders dealing with amnesty after violent conflicts.
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Beyond the Chants  story, is about a young man who hails from a remote countryside in Rukungiri district, Kigezi sub-region in western Uganda. It’s a story of a pro-democracy activist, a champion of an inclusive youths-led change who at a very young age makes a choice to join and actively...
A discussion on the The impact of black market on socio-economic development of Rwanda. Case study: Kinyinya sector-Gasabo district is hereby discussed by Innocent MURAMUZI and Raymond Dusabimana. 
Dr. Innocent MURAMUZI, PhD. delves in The Implementation of Amnesty in Uganda. Limitations & Prospects delves into the limitations of implementing Amnesty in Uganda and what could be done to ensure tat Amnesty achieves its intended objective. 
January 10th.2018, The Observer Newspaper in its column "Society" showed Norman Tumuhimbise as one of Uganda's 30 influential youths to look up to. His consistency in speaking truth to power is self-exhibited in the well-planned street action, Non-violent Movement building training, and book...