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This research project investigates the effectiveness of amnesty in achieving conflict resolution and sustainable peace in Uganda.  Objectives: Assess the role of amnesty in fostering peace. Evaluate the accessibility of amnesty under the Ugandan Amnesty Act. Identify the...
Dr. Innocent MURAMUZI, PhD. reveals how the procedures of accessing Amnesty can be be a hindrance to a successful amnesty process. An Examination of the Effectiveness of the Procedures of Accessing Amnesty in Uganda is handy to all stakeholders dealing with amnesty after violent conflicts.
We may all freely roam the park that is life. We might all anticipate enjoying the beauty of a calming wind if it were an ocean. If life were a daily rest, we could choose to do so continuously. We hope now that life is strange, it will no longer be mysterious. But the beauty of life is shown in...
Discover the power of love that transcends all boundaries in 'Love Without Limits', an empowering guide for HIV-positive individuals seeking marriage. With insights on overcoming stigma, building strong relationships, and navigating healthcare, this mind-blowing resource shows that love truly...
This book explains how youth in the twenty-first century can successfully navigate the myriad of perplexities and distractions that come with daily life and develop personally and professionally by strategically putting simple actions into practice while maintaining a mindset of profound...
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