African Culture

The Culture of Africa is varied and manifold, consisting of a mixture of countries with various tribes that each have their unique characteristic from the continent of Africa. It is a product of the diverse populations that inhabit the continent of Africa and the African Diaspora.

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"A Farmer's Journey" is the first story in the series An African man’s quest for a better life in Europe. This story is about an African Farmer named Kofi who wanted a better life for himself and his family. Tired of the poverty and lack of opportunities in his home country, he sets out on a...
A little girl's doll comes to life after her aunt's suicide. Will her mother sense the danger before it is too late?
Trauma: In a contemplative setting, considers dyslexics and patients with sickle cell disorder (Abiku). The story uses two young boys (Ayodele and Aja, abbreviated AJ) as a case study to examine how society reacts to these health issues. Despite being stigmatized, AJ and Ayodele tried to find...
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