African Literature

African literature, the body of traditional oral and written kinds of literature in Afro-Asiatic and African languages together with works written by Africans

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"A Farmer's Journey" is the first story in the series An African man’s quest for a better life in Europe. This story is about an African Farmer named Kofi who wanted a better life for himself and his family. Tired of the poverty and lack of opportunities in his home country, he sets out on a...
As the global village endevours to promote basic universal education especially in primary and secondary school levels, the somewhat good programme is swaddled with a lot of challenges in many less developed countries. In this book, Innocent MURAMUZI delves into those challenges and proposes...
Behind Barungi's smile, is a story that will not leave you the same. As a young girl, Barungi sets out into the world with lots of dreams, hopes, and expectations. Life immediately hands her lemons. She either has to learn to make lemonades or, suffer the bitterness of these lemons. Lost...
A little girl's doll comes to life after her aunt's suicide. Will her mother sense the danger before it is too late?
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The pleasures of love last but a moment, while the pains of love last for a lifetime. No matter how hard Sima’s heart is broken, her world is not stopped by her grief. Siima gives her heart and receives pieces every time.   Her life is beautiful and perfect until it becomes a lie....
Trauma: In a contemplative setting, considers dyslexics and patients with sickle cell disorder (Abiku). The story uses two young boys (Ayodele and Aja, abbreviated AJ) as a case study to examine how society reacts to these health issues. Despite being stigmatized, AJ and Ayodele tried to find...