Accepting Yourself

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Segun Bankole
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Who people believe you to be, depends on the perspective they are looking at you from. As humans, we are always flooded with messages telling us that, in order to be happy and fulfilled, we must be this or that, but it is all lies.

You must be conscious of your place in the world and how you contribute to the greater good in order to truly accept yourself.  Instead of letting your past define you or your present depress you, focus on your bright side.

Segun Bankole demonstrates in this book that genuine self-acceptance entails much more than merely liking or approving oneself. Recognizing our inherent worth and value as humans, irrespective of our unique traits and behaviors is important.

When we are able to see ourselves in this light, we can finally stop trying to be perfect all the time and live in peace. KNOW THIS:  You cannot change what has already happened, but you can change what happens inside of you.

And as a matter of fact, you might not really know the importance of moving on, until moving on is the only option. It all starts with you realizing that you are not weak and that mistakes are made by everyone.

By letting go of your troubled past and learning to love yourself more, you have every right to change the course of your life.

- This book will assist you in comprehending the significance of and strategies for achieving self-acceptance.
- How to respect your uniqueness.
- How to reconcile with yourself and regain your self-assurance.
- The distinction between guilt and shame.
- How to love and live in the moment.
- How to Make the necessary amends as part of the process of forgiving yourself. etc.

By the end, you will feel more confident in yourself and be able to move on with your life. You should definitely add this book to your library and keep it nearby.

Good Luck On Your Way To Accepting Yourself
Segun Bankole


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