Understanding Spirituality

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Dickson Daniel
If what you seek is PRACTICAL, PROVEN, TESTED and 100% GUARANTEED knowledge that TRANS...
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Many people don’t truly understand what it means to be Spiritual. When the word “Spiritual” is mentioned, they start having some weird ideas like religion, voodoo, astral travel, lucid dreaming, etc. But, Spirituality isn’t about all that, rather true spirituality is entering into the flow of our BEING. For we are all primarily spiritual beings having human experiences but, not human beings having spiritual experiences like many think. As the author rightly stated “One thing I kept repeating, and that I will like you to note, is this: “SPIRITUALITY IS A FLOW. IT IS BEING AND NOT DOING”. Any form of spirituality that is rooted in doing is no longer it; true spirituality is being, and not an act!

In this brief yet rich and powerful exposition, Dickson Daniel laid out succinctly what true Spirituality entails. He shared how to align properly with our spiritual nature and how to reap the benefit thereof. e.g. How to achieve our heart desires by simply being in a state of flow with the Spiritual, instead of exerting so much human effort like we have been trained to believe.

This guide was written in the year 2016, and looking at the results of the author today, one can’t help but agree that he understands perfectly what he set out to teach in the book as his life is the epitome of aligning with the spiritual and getting far better and greater result compared to those that are in the habit of exerting their human efforts and will.


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Grab your copy today and experience transformation in the most natural yet potent way!


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