Unsowing The Mustered Seed

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NORMAN TUMUHIMBISE Lawyer Age 37 Email: Tel: +256 393...
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January 10th.2018, The Observer Newspaper in its column "Society" showed Norman Tumuhimbise as one of Uganda's 30 influential youths to look up to. His consistency in speaking truth to power is self-exhibited in the well-planned street action, Non-violent Movement building training, and book writing for the generations to come. His level of mind independence has earned him opponents both in government and opposition. Therefore this book is not for you to like or dislike, it's there for all of us to learn from. 

Suppose it offends you, even better because you are less likely to repeat what Norman points out as Uganda's problems. Scholars have stated in the law of change that; "Change means movement, Movement means friction, Friction means heat; heat means controversy". Therefore there is no Change without the Movement of action, no Movement without the Friction of Competing Interests, and no Friction without the Heat of Controversy. To say; there is no Nice or Polite way to get change.

Caution If you hate truth, dare not read this book!

...Norman has a singular focus in his pursuits. He is passionate about social justice and has tenaciously called out the unfairness, militarism, and repressive tendencies of military dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his sycophants. He has mobilized youth under Jobless Brotherhood and The Alternative Uganda to these ends. This work is the latest step in that direction...

By Norman Tumuhimbise


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