Dad's Car Rides: Lessons from a Father to his Daughters

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Wanito Bernadin
It’s a fact. Listening to better voices leads to making better choices. This book is f...
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So many fathers today are adrift, uncertain how to connect with their daughters. There may be numerous reasons for this, but one would surely be that our culture offers little guidance to men on fatherhood, particularly when it comes to fathering daughters. In fact, one might ask, what does it really mean to “father” a daughter? We can see mothering all over television, advertising and film but what about fathering?

Wanito Bernadin offers us a beacon; something fathers might find guidance and inspiration in. This book will help fathers and their daughters bond as each lesson and story is intended to stimulate discussion. Wanito speaks to his daughters on all kinds of subjects including the importance of reading, getting to know your own voice, breaking bad habits, recognizing abusive behaviour, managing stress or how to cope with having made a bad decision. He explains economics in a way children can understand. He teaches them about debt management and how to evaluate investment opportunities for a brighter financial future. And so much more.

But the real treasure of this book is in the wisdom Wanito offers, such as in teaching them how failure is an essential part of growing and can lead to better things, how to move from being a victim to a victor, or how cultivating and protecting virtues like humility and kindness are integral to self respect. This is a love letter from a Godly father to his daughters.

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Fathering Daughters is an invaluable compass for dads seeking to connect and inspire their girls.
"In a world where the art of fathering daughters often remains uncharted territory, Wanito Bernadin's book shines as a guiding light.

This book offers heartwarming lessons and relatable stories that not only foster bonding but also provide valuable life wisdom. From financial literacy to personal growth, it's a treasure chest of love and knowledge—a must-read for every dad nurturing a brighter future for their girls."