Beginning Functional JavaScript

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The first rule of functions is that they should be small. The second rule of
functions is that they should be smaller than that. —ROBERT C. MARTIN

Welcome to the functional programming world. The world, which has only functions, living
happily without any outside world dependencies, without states, without mutations –
forever. Functional programming has been a buzz in recent days. You might have heard about
this term within your team, in your local group meeting, and have thought about this. If
you’re already aware of what that means, this is great! But for those who don’t know the
term, don’t worry. This chapter is for that purpose: to introduce you to Functional terms
in simple English.

We are going to begin this chapter by asking a simple question: what is a function in
Mathematics? Then later on we are going to create a function in JavaScript with a simple
example using our function definition. The chapter ends by explaining the benefits that
functional programming gives to our developers.


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