The Blossom of a Withered flower

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Hilda Agbonifo
Hilda Ufuoma Agbonifo is a fiction writer/playwright. She has written over twenty unpub...
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The Blossom of a withered flower:


Ejiro a young single mother of three living with her widowed mother in an impoverished one-room apartment is fed up with living a life of misery in a community like Uru where women are made to believe that they are incomplete and cannot succeed without the help of a man, even when they are the ones doing the hard jobs while the men loaf about doing nothing.

She is opportune to work alongside other women in vast farmland owned by a famous chief for good pay.

When she catches the fancy of the owner of the land, the dashing and wealthy chief Edafe, he proposes to marry her but she rejects his proposal to her mother’s disbelief.

Her desire to be educated and someday become a teacher is brought to play alongside her bitter experience as a teenage wife to a callous man and a mother of three children.

She did not relent as she enrolls in a night school to enable her to sit for the WAEC examination. She is later devastated when she is not chosen to continue working on the farm during the harvest season. Her mother blames her for her misfortune because of her refusal to marry chief Edafe.

Undaunted by the setback she settles for petty trading but the profit is not enough to fulfill her present needs. At the edge of breaking, she boldly confronts chief Edafe and demands to be given a job because she deserves it. Her charm and boldness in spite of her shabby look captivate his heart once again and he orders she is given a job.

When she comes out as the best student in her community in the WAEC examination she is honored by the king and she is also offered a job by chief Edafe in his prestigious cassava mill.

Her desire to become a teacher is not marred by the incentives from working at the cassava mill. She sits for the Teacher Training Examination and eagerly awaits the result. Ejiro is puzzled at her sudden desire to see chief Edafe often and she later realizes she is falling in love with him. Chief Edafe though still in love with her, tries hard to avoid her, but fate brings them together on different romantic but uncomfortable occasions.

The result of the Teacher Training Examination finally comes out and Ejiro is offered admission. She is overjoyed but chief Edafe is sad because he thinks he will not be able to see her again. To put an end to his sorrow he proposed to her again and she accepts only if he agrees to her terms of achieving her dreams. He agrees swiftly and she accepts wholeheartedly. 


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Welldone dear. Please keep growing
Hilda Agbonifo reply
Thanks a lot Thelma.