How To Read On Eboor App

October 17, 2022

Welcome, in this guide - l will show you exactly how to read on the eboor app. - it's easy...

STEP 1: Download Eboor App for free on your preferred app store.
Get it on Google Play Store.

Download Eboor App - On Google Play Store

Download it on Apple Store.

STEP 2: Create An Account on Eboor App

Important: While you may browse the app without logging in, an account is required to download ebooks and audiobooks. It is under this account that you are able to have your own in-app library where your downloaded books are securely stored and accessed.

On the login screen tap on Sign Up

- Enter your first name
- Enter your last name
- Enter your best email address
- Enter your password
- Confirm Password

Agree to terms and conditions then tap create account. You will then receive an email notification to confirm your email address.
So open your email and click on the confirm link.

Now you can go back to the app and log in successfully.

It is important to note that - this account will be your same account across all eboore products - even when you go on the website. these will be the same login credentials you use. That is why if you started on the website and you create an account there, you use the same credentials here on the app. - that's great, right?

Now that you are all set...

Browse the books on the app - read or listen to sample books, and choose a book to download.

You may choose from free or paid books. Paid books will require you to complete your purchase using your visa online card, PayPal, or mobile money... Choose your most preferred payment method.

When you choose a free book, no payment details are needed at checkout - making it super easy.

Once your order is complete - then from within the app, go to the library icon and tap on your new book to read, or tap on audiobooks to listen to your new audiobook.

It is important to note - that under the library, there are two sections.

Ebooks | Audiobooks   - And when you purchase an ebook, it goes under ebooks, and audiobooks go under audiobooks. 

This above is the detailed simple process of going from zero to reading on eboor - step by step.

Let us know if you found this guide helpful and which guide you need next.

Happy reading.

Eboor - reading made easy.


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